Medicinal pulverizer grows under the stimulation of the pharmaceutical industry

As an important part of pharmaceutical equipment, pharmaceutical crushing equipment has become more widely used in the industry, and the ensuing requirements have also increased. With the rapid development of scientific and technological information, crushing equipment needs continuous improvement and upgrading to meet the needs of the market. .

At present, the situation of the pharmaceutical crushing machinery industry still faces enormous opportunities. China is a developing country, and there are also situations in which large quantities of drugs are used to solve medical problems. At the same time, China is constantly learning from the developed countries and investing heavily in it. the study.

There are many kinds of medicinal crushing machines, including ultrafine crushing, jet crushing, grinding machines, etc. Enterprises should adjust and optimize the product structure in a timely manner, strengthen the featured products, and avoid homogeneous competition. At the same time, it should also be transformed into a service-oriented enterprise, closely surrounding the technical requirements of downstream users, and providing users with technology and product services. At the same time, efforts should be made to reform the mechanism of its own mechanism, tap potentials in terms of product quality and costs, and further strengthen process management, cost management, and product market development. In addition, the core technology of products is only competitive, so insisting on technological innovation is still the industry's constant topic.

All in all, China's pharmaceutical development has the greatest stimulation for the pharmaceutical equipment industry. In recent years, the competition in the pharmaceutical machine industry has become increasingly fierce. Well-equipped and advanced technology is a new topic in the pharmaceutical machinery and equipment industry. The crusher industry must keep pace with the times and strengthen the core competitiveness of equipment.

It is applied to cotton yarn, woolen yarn, acrylic yarn and other blended yarns.


1. The machine is a double sides and single layer with convenient operation, reasonable transmission, compact construction and attractive appearance;

2. The perdurable stability of high quality spindle at the high-speed operation;

3. Two-step drive device make the force-enduring reasonable and the range of  false twisting more wider;

4. The winding tension can be adjusted on the pre-take-up roller, therefore, it is also applied to winding of loose dyeing;

5. Pedal-braking system is more easy to operate, and the longevity of apron belt and spindle will prolong at the same time;

6. The bobbin bank will lift automatically when winding up and end breaking which can avoid the abrasion of fiber.

Short Fiber Two-for-one Twisting Machine

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