Magnetic Coupling Cable Drum Used for Electro-Hydraulic Grab (GHE-MCCD-1300)

Model NO.: GHE-MCCD-1300
HS Code: 84262000
High frequency and high speed coupling Cable Drum is designed for using in very hard working condition site and bad situation. It is very good to match with crane for 1~5 Ton bulk cargo ship. High frequency and high speed coupling Cable Drum can keep working in a bad situation condition for 24 hours.

Product Technology Guarantee: The Cable Drum and Wire Rope Reel of Electro-Hydraulic Grab are adopt German Advanced Technology: Hydraulic coupling type machine. It can infinitely vary speed and match the pull pressure and lowering speed automatically, which can make the synchronization of speed and pull pressure, and avoid the breakage of cable drum or wire rope reel.

The high frequency and high speed coupling cable drum are make of high frequency and high speed coupling, drive motor, gear reducer, brake, collector and roller.
The cable drum is winded in multilayers and multlines. The switch is limited button switch and the products are packed by export waterproof.
The electric-motor of the cable adopts the electric-motor on the board of ABB Company.

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