US Tire Manufacturers Public Sale Price

All along, tire manufacturers are reluctant to disclose the selling price of tires, but this situation is changing recently. Bridgestone North America recently began publicizing tire manufacturers' suggested retail prices on Bridgestone and Firestone. Michelin has promised to fully disclose the retail price of passenger and light truck tires sold in the United States to meet customer expectations. The German Continental North American company stated that the company is evaluating this, but it has not yet reached the final conclusion.

Michael Fluck, Bridgestone’s US brand marketing manager, believes that public tire manufacturers’ suggested retail prices are beneficial to consumers’ choice of tires. A recent survey conducted by the company showed that nine out of ten web pagers wanted to know the approximate price of a tire. The survey also found that about 26% of tire consumers can only determine the purchase behavior by visiting only one manufacturer's website, but 74% of consumers want to visit two or more manufacturers' websites to make a decision. Flacak said that the public tire manufacturer's suggested retail price is to give customers the information they want. Bridgestone has not yet implemented this action on Firestone tyres. The Firestone website has not disclosed the manufacturer's suggested retail price.

Michelin said that they regard customer satisfaction as a priority for the company, and its recent survey of consumers also shows that customers are eager to know the price of tires. Based on this, the company disclosed the tire manufacturer's suggested retail price on the webpage, providing consumers with more information on the price. The Michelin company also reminds consumers that what they announce is only the retailer's recommended price, and retailers have the right to make price corrections based on their customers' needs and business models.

Bridgestone publishes tire manufacturer's suggested retail price on the webpage with restrictive terms. The actual price of the tire depends on the retailer, sales area, tire model, and other factors. The retailer has the right to determine his own price. Bridgestone USA companies and Canadian companies do not interfere with dealer behavior. The manager of Bridgestone’s Michael Flacak also told retailers participating in the dealer meeting that the price of the dealer’s webpage is more likely to influence consumer behavior than the manufacturer’s webpage. It is recommended that sellers disclose tires on the website if possible. selling price.

Whether the tire manufacturer's open suggested retail price will have any effect on dealer sales and how much impact it will have remains to be seen. Dan Hennery, CEO of Hennelly's tire and car company, said that when he heard that Bridgestone announced the announcement of the proposed retail price of the tire manufacturer at the dealer meeting, he was very surprised. However, after reading Bridgestone's announcement of the price and comparing it with the actual sales price, it feels that the pressure is not great. He said that in fact, many customers are skeptical about the price of tires, they are generally directly from the price list printed on the site to shop purchases. This means that tire salespeople are more concerned with the needs of customers than with negotiating prices.

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