Domestic machine tool competition turned to high-end

Domestic machine tool competition turned to high-end The domestic machine tool market has become fiercely competitive, and the transformation of the machine tool industry is imminent. Although China has the largest number of machine tool manufacturers in the world, it lacks the famous international machine tool group and world-class “fine, special, and special” small giants. For a long time, the high-grade bed required for China's economic construction and key projects mainly relies on imports. The domestic market share of domestically-made mid-range CNC systems is only 5%, and 95% of the numerical control systems required for high-grade beds come from overseas. The domestic market share of functional components is only It is 30%.

In view of the current status of the domestic and international machine tools market, the machine tool industry should take the high-end route and achieve localization. It is an indisputable fact that we have taken the high-end route. Some forward-looking enterprises have also seen the trend of domestic machine tools in the future. They have already invested in the research and development of high-level products, giving foreign companies a record, and setting benchmarks for domestic machine tool companies. .

Koyo Technology Engineering is a model of these companies. A new generation of “open-circuit all-digital high-end numerical control devices for fiber-optic bus” independently developed by the company has won a lot of attention. This set of equipment that has more than 90 patents will not only use CNC machine tools in the past. The pulse-type signal transmission method was upgraded to "fiber-optic bus-type transmission." It also achieved 100% localization for the first time and it has been listed as a national major scientific and technological achievement. In the case of ensuring high-speed flow of information, the dynamic performance, accuracy, and machining efficiency of the entire machine have also been excellently demonstrated.

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