High and low temperature environmental chamber maintenance and precautions

First, clean and maintain the outside of the high and low temperature environmental test box inside:

1, before the operation should be cleared of internal impurities.

2. The power distribution room should be cleaned at least once a year or more. When cleaning, vacuum cleaners can be used to suck indoor dust.

3, the outside of the box must also be cleaned more than once a year, wipe it.

Second, humidifier inspection and maintenance:

The water storage in the humidifier should be replaced once a month to ensure that the water quality is clean. The humidifying water tray should be cleaned once a month to ensure smooth water flow.

Third, check the over-temperature protector:

During operation, the over-temperature protection setting is the highest value plus 20°C~30°C. When the temperature in the test chamber rises to the over-temperature protection set point, the heater power supply is stopped, the over-temperature warning light is on but the fan is still running. If it is running for a long time and unattended, please be sure to check the over-temperature protection device before operation. Set it properly.

Fourth, the condenser dust removal:

The condenser should be maintained on a regular monthly basis. Vacuum cleaners should be used to suck dust from the condenser heatsink mesh or use high-pressure air to remove dust.

Fifth, wet ball test cloth replacement:

When the surface of the test cloth is not clean or hardened, or after the temperature control is finished, the test cloth must be replaced before continuing the temperature and humidity sphericity control. The test cloth is replaced about three months. When replacing, wipe the temperature measuring body with a cleaning cloth. When replacing the new test cloth, clean it first.

VI. Inspection and adjustment of wet bulb water level:

The water level of the stagnant water tank should not be too high, so that the water overflows the water collection tube or is too low to allow the wet ball test cloth to absorb water abnormally. The accuracy of the wet ball can be maintained at approximately six full minutes. Adjust the water level of the stagnant water tank to adjust the height of the water tank.

To sum up, only the correct cleaning and maintenance can make the constant temperature and humidity test chamber play its best performance and maximum function.

High-Low Temperature Environmental Chambers Use Safety Notes High-low temperature environmental chambers are suitable for testing and determining the parameters and performance of electronic electricians, materials, and other products subjected to changes in temperature, high temperature, low temperature, and constant temperature tests. It is also an essential test equipment for aviation, automotive, home appliances, and scientific research.

When using the high-low temperature test box, do not connect the power supply of the test sample to the power of the device unless the device reserves the power interface of the test sample, otherwise it will increase the power supply load of the device. It is forbidden to test flammable, explosive, highly corrosive, and radiated items. Please do not move the equipment during power-on or during operation.

The power supply is a three-phase, five-wire system. The equipment cables are four-wire, three-phase, one neutral, and one ground. Neutral cables must be distinguished when installing the equipment. Because part of the equipment load and control system are single-phase, miswiring the neutral line will cause the equipment to fail to work and be damaged. The equipment grounding line has a grounding column to ensure that it is well grounded and safe and reliable to use. If the user site and other factors require the extension of the cable, make sure that the extension cord and power supply used to meet the power requirements of the product.

The high and low temperature test chamber will generate a lot of heat during use. Therefore, it is necessary to install the device in a well-ventilated place. At the same time, this device must not be exposed to inflammable and explosive materials, strong magnetic and strong vibration environments during the test.

The high and low temperature test chambers are either extremely hot or very cold when operated at high or low temperature. During the test or just after the test, if you need to open the door, you have to be very careful. It is necessary for the staff to bring special protective materials such as anti-frozen and high-temperature gloves to avoid burns or frostbite. If not, do not Open the door. When the freezer is in operation, the temperature of the exhaust copper pipe is also high. Please do not touch it during operation to avoid burns.

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