Intelligent lighting will become the next growth point of the lighting industry

Without touching the switch by hand, you only need to press the remote control lightly, the light can be switched automatically, and you can turn off the light when you sleep. At the recent Guangdong Guzhen Light Fair and the Shenzhen International Lighting Exhibition, a new generation of smart home lighting system, a light-weight cat, has attracted the attention of the public. This year's major exhibitions, many companies launched new intelligent lighting products, the frequency of smart lamps has increased significantly compared with previous years, and the technology content is getting higher and higher. Experts predict that in the near future, smart lighting will replace ordinary lighting and become a new mainstream product in the lighting industry. Lighting products are about to enter the era of remote control.

In the Olympic Science and Technology Outlook Forum, smart lighting was put on the agenda, and the Ministry of Construction requested that 60 residential buildings in the country's large and medium-sized cities be intelligent in 2010. The relevant departments of Shanghai decided that the streetlights on the main landscape roads in the city center should be equipped with energy-saving intelligent lighting systems during this summer's peak electricity consumption. There are indications that the smart lighting market outlook will be more optimistic. Remote control has become an important symbol of the era of remote control. It is reported that although the intelligent lighting technology has considerable complexity, at least three to four companies have reached the practical level of domestic technology. Foreign companies engaged in intelligent lighting, such as Lutron in the United States, Bonzi in Australia, and companies such as Thorne and ABB have also completed technological breakthroughs long ago.

Technology: The advantages of wireless network type are obvious. It is understood that the application of PC, IC, IT and other modern technologies in the switching technology can add new functions such as wireless remote control and brightness stepless adjustment to the lamps. The intelligent control technology of lighting and lighting should also be applied. Born. At present, in the market, from the perspective of the composition of the lighting control system, there are mainly bus type, power line carrier type, wireless network type and the like. From the perspective of technology development, wireless network technology has unique advantages. In recent years, it has developed rapidly in the IT field and has become a new hot spot in the IT industry and the semiconductor industry.

The wireless network lighting control system is a home intelligent network control system that uses radio to communicate. The control signals sent by each system control unit are transmitted by radio waves, and each system control unit receives the propagation information, and then according to the system communication protocol. Perform the corresponding actions to achieve intelligent network control. As with the power line carrier solution, since there is no dedicated network cable, installation or expansion is very simple. This solution can even be battery-powered, without connecting the power cable, which is very flexible and convenient, and also reduces the overall application cost of the user.

It is reported that ST Semiconductor, an internationally renowned semiconductor manufacturer, is preparing to introduce a control chip for lighting control that combines radio frequency functions. Intelligent lighting control system products using wireless network technology have recently appeared in front of consumers. The MCO intelligent scene lighting control system launched by Germany's Mago has recently entered the Chinese market. The intelligent features of its products are mainly reflected in the following aspects: the function of adjusting and controlling the combined lights according to the scene is realized; the personalized setting is realized: the lighting scenes such as watching TV, meeting, dinner, leaving home can be set. The switch mode can select one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one flexible control of the lighting scene by means of computer, remote control, light touch button switch, infrared automatic sensor switch, etc.; with stepless brightness adjustment of system lamps and The automatic delay function, the memory function of the power failure state and the locking function of the switch state make the system safer and more reliable. Price: There is still a lot of space for compressible intelligent lighting. The current price is relatively high, which is an important factor for it to enter the homes of ordinary people. It is understood that the most expensive home smart lighting is currently a foreign brand, about 1,000 yuan / road, the general three-bedroom apartment, need 20 roads. That is to say, a set of intelligent lighting system needs 20,000 yuan. At present, the normal price of domestic intelligent lighting products is about 100 to 200 yuan, but the current product promotion efforts are far from enough.

According to the analysis, at present, intelligent lighting is still only a development stage, and scale benefits are difficult to form. When the market forms a certain scale, the price of intelligent lighting system products still has a lot of space to be compressed, and the minimum should be 60 yuan/way.

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