Anhui Pull-type investigation of orphans for one month

Anhui pull-net investigation of orphans for a month-long diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2013-01-08

Recently, the fire in the family's "love mother" in Lankao caused the death of an orphan to cause widespread concern. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Anhui Provincial Department of Civil Affairs that our province is mobilizing grass-roots organizations such as community-based committees and village committees. It is preparing to use one-month time to carry out network-wide investigations in the province to fully understand the situation of orphans taken by individuals and private organizations. To eliminate security risks.
The relevant staff of the Provincial Civil Affairs Office told the reporter that in this investigation, individuals and private organizations that do not have the conditions for parenting and security are quickly receiving or arranging orphans to be placed in child welfare agencies; they also insist on parenting orphans for the conditions for raising children. Yes, the civil affairs department will sign a joint agreement with them and be included in the supervision of the civil affairs department; for those who have signed a joint agreement, the security risks found during the investigation will be rectified within a time limit; for individuals who meet the adoption conditions and have the intention to adopt, they shall go through the adoption registration according to law. Procedures; For the illegal use of orphaned children or the manipulation of orphans engaged in illegal activities, the relevant departments will be coordinated and severely cracked down according to law.
"According to past information, we have not found any illegal establishment of orphanages in our province. We do not advocate the establishment of orphanages in the private sector. Will private funding for orphanages sustain all expenses for a long period of time? Can children's education be followed? Children's employment and other issues have limitations," said the staff of the provincial Civil Affairs Department.
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