LNG Bus Becomes a "King" for Green Energy Saving and Emission Reduction

In recent years, energy-saving and environmental-friendly clean energy passenger cars have increasingly become the “darlings” of the local transportation industry, especially with the attention paid by the new energy industry, the active participation of bus companies, and the vigorous promotion and wide application of various transportation companies. At present, the gas passenger car market has shown many new development trends. LNG passenger cars are increasingly popular in the market, which not only facilitates the vigorous promotion of good policies, but also is an inevitable choice for improving the technical quality and upgrading the objective market after the development. This is not only for passenger cars. The market behavior of enterprises is also a strategic decision that relates to national energy security.

Futian Ouhui, as a leader in China's new energy vehicles, has continued to make rapid development with the “Fukuda Speed” and has also become the largest auto enterprise in China with the largest production and sales volume of new energy vehicles and the widest range of product applications. Futian Ouhui, who has always attached importance to technological innovation, also chose to use LNG fuel to reduce emissions from new energy buses.

Compared with traditional passenger vehicles, the operating advantages of LNG passenger cars are highlighted. 1. Higher volumetric energy density and convenient transportation: LNG volume is 625 times smaller than natural gas of the same quality. LNG can be easily transported to places where it is needed by car and ship. .

2. LNG builds a station with high storage efficiency, and occupies less land. Investment province: 60ml of LNG storage capacity can be used for the daily operation of 70 to 100 12m class vehicles.

3. Outstanding environmental protection advantages: As NG passenger cars do not have PM2.5 emissions, they will not produce harmful toxic substances such as sulfur, lead, and benzene; the country 4 or above emission will have almost no particulate emissions, and the environmental protection effect will be excellent. The following are all with steam, Diesel cars have lower emissions than emissions.

4. High safety: The density of LNG after vaporization is very low, only about half of the air. A slight leak can be immediately dispersed to prevent explosion.

5, low fuel costs: year-on-year diesel models, fuel costs decreased by about 15 to 20%.

LNG fuel has become an “artifact” for new energy buses. Futian Ouhui Bus uses LNG fuel for energy-saving and new energy buses, which will also help the city’s green environmental protection and energy-saving and emission reduction.

The promotion and development of LNG environmental protection vehicles is an important way to promote environmental protection, reduce atmospheric pollution and environmental pollution. The call for low-carbon life is also booming in the new energy automotive industry. Vigorously developing LNG vehicles can greatly promote the protection of the city’s ecological environment and build a green, low-carbon, and harmonious road transportation system. It is believed that Futian Ouhui Bus, which is known as the "Capital Namecard", shows the world the determination and action of energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection in China!

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