Graphic editing process in CNC machining

Since the graphics required in the CNC wire cutting process are closed graphics, it is necessary to implement modification and re-editing of more than 7 consecutive coherent fonts in the actual operation process.

The specific operation steps are as follows: first click the "Curve Edit" item in the "Drawing" option, and then select the "Pan" shortcut command, so that the spacing between the seven fonts can be closer; then use "cropping" And "transition" also have some corresponding shortcut commands such as "fit spline" and "straight line" and "delete" to make local modifications and smooth transitions for each font detail. Finally, in the design process, the seven fonts need to be unified and connected into a whole closed contour to avoid and prevent the erroneous processing caused by the secondary wire caused by the CNC wire cutting operation.

To simulate the real trajectory of the cutting simulation process, click the “Restore Old Faces” item in the “Settings” option to pop up the corresponding menu options, then click on the “Track Operation” option on the right to select the corresponding “Two-Axis Track Generation”. "Project, then enter the correct offset "0.1mm", then complete the "OK", then select the "Pick Outline" item, in the pop-up menu options, click "Please select the chain picking direction", followed by Click the "Select machining side and actual compensation direction" button, and finally click "Right button" to determine the machining path.

The corresponding machining trajectory is specifically determined by simulation processing. Enter the corresponding file name "u88" by clicking the "Generate 3B Code" item in the "Code Generation" option, and by setting options such as "Compact command format and display code and stop code", click corresponding The "Pick Process Track" option generates a 3B code program. By copying the generated 3B code directly into the U disk and connecting it to the wire cutting machine interface, and processing the finished part based on the output of the corresponding program.


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