Uses and Shapes of Liner Bolts Special Ball Mill Bolts

Liner bolts, also known as ball mill bolts, English name: bolt for ball mill. According to the shape of its head can be divided into: elliptical head bolts, square head bolts, bolts with bolts, waist bolts, bucket bolts, D-bolts, flared bolts and so on. The ball mill bolts can be classified according to the use position: compartment liner bolts, discharge rocker bolts, stepped liner bolts, cylinder bolts, fixed cone liner bolts, import and export hopper lining bolts, compartment bolts, manholes Bolt, checkerboard bolt, end cap liner bolt bolt performance grade and meaning: The performance grade of ball mill bolt can be divided into 4.8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9 a total of 4 performance levels, of which 8.8 (including) more than the strength bolt material is medium After heat treatment of carbon steel and alloy steel, these bolts are called high-strength bolts, and the rest are commonly known as ordinary strength bolts. Bolt performance grade labels are composed of two parts, which respectively represent the nominal tensile strength and yield ratio of the bolt. For example: 1. Bolts with a performance rating of 4.8 have the following meanings: (1) The bolt material has a nominal tensile strength of 400 MPa; (2) The yield ratio of the bolt material is 0.8; (3) The nominal bolt material. The bolts with a yield strength of 400×0.8=320MPa grade 2 and performance grade grade 8.8 have the following meanings: (1) The bolt material has a nominal tensile strength of 800MPa; (2) The yield ratio of the bolt material is 0.8; 3) Bolts whose nominal yield strength is 800X0.8 = 640MPa grade 3 and performance grade grade 10.9 are: (1) Bolt material with nominal tensile strength of 1000MPa; (2) Bolt material The yield ratio is 0.9. (3) The nominal yield strength of the bolt material is 1000X0.9 = 900MPa. The meaning of the bolt performance grade is the internationally accepted standard. The bolt with the same performance level, regardless of the difference between the material and the origin, is In the same way, only the performance level can be used in the design. The bolt's strength rating of 10.9 is the bolt's shear stress rating of 10.9 GPa. Supporting type: 1、Bolt + nut + flat washer + spring washer 2、bolt + nut + step washer + cylindrical rubber 3、bolt + nut + chamfer washer + O rubber washer 4、bolt + snail Cap + bowl pad + rubber ring or hemp rope cushion Handan City Huayong Standard Parts Co., Ltd., our company has a large number of lining plate bolts in stock all the year round. Our company's lining plate bolts are now matched with bolt + nut + flat pad + spring washer. Our company strives for survival based on quality and develops with prestige. Our company has been in an excellent position in the same industry.

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