China's hoisting list of top 100 activities started recently

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For the first time, the list of China's top 100 lifting equipment rankings was selected based on indicators such as construction capacity, equipment strength, and participation in key projects. The China Chemical Engineering Second Construction Company, the Third Construction Company, the Fourth Construction Company, and the Sixth Construction Company , Eleventh Construction Company, Sixteenth Construction Company, Shaanxi Huajian Engineering Co., Ltd., and Sinopec Fourth Construction Company, Wujian Company, Ten Construction Company, Nanjing Engineering Company, and Ningbo Engineering Company were short-listed. The organizing committee stated that while launching the "China Lifting Top 100 List", it will continue to launch the list of China's lifting top ten (state-owned/private) and hold the second session in Beijing from September 26 to 27 ( 2012) Global Crane Summit & China Lifting 100 Strong.

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