Netizens publish venomous snakes to attract attention to Weibo

Internet users to attract attention to microblogging publish poisonous snake killing people to blame diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-08-15

Police: Posting false news on the Internet has bad consequences and can be subject to administrative penalties
“In order to attract the attention of netizens, they will be subject to administrative detention.” Yesterday, the person in charge of the Linfen County Public Security Bureau told reporters that Teng Mou, a villager of Wanggang Township in the county, published false terrorist blog posts on Weibo. Will face punishment from the police.
At 8:38 on August 11th, Teng in order to attract people's attention, increase their own microblogging the amount of transmission, the "a town of villagers feeding poisonous snake escaped and killed 2 people" false news, published in Tencent microblogging in. Soon, the blog post caused panic and reprint among local netizens. The Linfen County Public Security Bureau promptly instructed the local police station to investigate and verified by multiple parties that the blog post was completely rumored. After the police contacted the man, he had admitted that the news was false and made a sincere apology and deleted the relevant microblogs on his own. The police immediately made severe criticism and education.
"Netizens publish false information on Weibo, and if they produce bad results, they will face administrative penalties because they are suspected of disturbing public order." Yesterday, the person in charge of the Linyi County Public Security Bureau told reporters.
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