·Automobile fuel consumption marking standard revision work started

Recently, the National Automobile Standardization Technical Committee held a kick-off meeting for the revision of light vehicle fuel consumption standards in Xining, Guangxi. More than 50 representatives from 39 passenger vehicle manufacturers and testing agencies from all over the country attended the meeting.

The meeting conducted a comprehensive discussion on the promotion of energy saving and emission reduction in the automotive industry since the implementation of GB22757-2008 "Light Vehicle Fuel Consumption Mark" and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology "Light Vehicle Fuel Consumption Marking Management Regulations". The participants agreed that the implementation of the marking standards and management regulations, especially the establishment of the light vehicle fuel consumption publicity system in China, has created an open and fair competition platform for automobile manufacturers and created an open and transparent information service platform for the public. It promoted the promotion of energy-saving vehicles, energy conservation and new energy vehicle and vessel tax reduction policies linked to fuel consumption, improved the energy-saving management system for automobile bicycle products in China, and promoted the consumption of energy-saving automobile products and the progress of energy-saving technologies.

The meeting stressed that in order to thoroughly implement the "Energy Conservation and New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan" and further improve the energy conservation management system for automotive products, it is necessary to pay close attention to the revision of GB22757 and fully activate passenger vehicles including gasoline and diesel, alternative fuels and new energy sources. , light commercial vehicles, heavy commercial vehicles, vehicle fuel consumption marking standards development work, accelerate the improvement of China's automotive fuel consumption marking standards system. The meeting clarified the basic requirements for the revision and revision of fuel consumption marking standards and fully deployed the follow-up work arrangements.

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