How is the safety feature of lithium-ion batteries realized?

In order to ensure the safe and reliable use of lithium-ion batteries, experts have carried out a very strict and thorough battery safety design to achieve battery safety assessment indicators.

(1) diaphragm 135 ° C automatic shutdown protection

Adopt international advanced Celgard 2300PE-PP-PE three-layer composite film. When the temperature rises to 120 °C, the PE film holes on both sides of the composite film are closed, the internal resistance of the battery is increased, and the internal temperature rise of the battery is slowed down. When the battery temperature rises to 135 °C, the PP film hole is closed, the battery internal circuit is broken, and the battery is no longer used. Warm up to ensure the battery is safe and reliable.

(2) Adding additives to the electro-hydraulic

Under the condition that the battery is overcharged and the battery voltage is higher than 4.2v, the electro-hydraulic additive is polymerized with other substances in the electro-hydraulic, the internal resistance of the battery is increased, and a large-area circuit is formed inside the battery, and the battery is no longer heated.

(3) Battery cover composite structure

The battery cover adopts a scoring explosion-proof structure. When the battery is warmed up, part of the gas generated during the activation process of the battery expands, the internal pressure of the battery increases, and the pressure reaches a certain degree of cracking and deflation.

(4) Various environmental abuse tests

Carry out various abuse tests, such as external short circuit, over charge, acupuncture, plate impact, incineration, etc., to examine the safety performance of the battery. At the same time, the battery is subjected to temperature shock test and mechanical tests such as vibration, drop and impact, and the performance of the battery under actual use environment is investigated.

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