Linglong Tire becomes a senior sponsor of Wolfsburg Football Club

On December 15, 2014, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between Linglong Tire and Wolfsburg FC was held at the Volkswagen Golfpark in Wolfsburg, Germany. Linglong Tire officially became a senior sponsor of Wolfsburg Football Club. Comprehensive cooperation will be launched.

Linglong Tire becomes a senior sponsor of Wolfsburg Football Club
Linglong Tire becomes a senior sponsor of Wolfsburg Football Club

Mr. Wang Feng, president of Linglong Tire, said at the signing ceremony that he was extremely excited about the exquisite tires and the Wolfsburg Football Club, and firmly believed that this would be a very pleasant cooperation. This cooperation is another major football marketing initiative in the European region after Linglong Tire signed a contract with the top five European leagues in October 2014. As one of the German's favorite sports, football has become an important part of German culture. Linglong Tire hopes that through this cooperation, it will be closer to the lives of German consumers and become a common platform for brand and consumer contact and a common topic of communication and sharing.

Linglong Tire and Wolfsburg Football Club hold hands
Linglong Tire and Wolfsburg Football Club hold hands

Exquisitely, as the national independent brand that goes to the world, in the next three years, we will work together with the Wolfsburg Football Club to enhance the new football goal of Wolfsburg Football Club. At the same time, according to the contract, Exquisite Tire will also be able to hold football school training in China together with Wolfsburg, in addition to being able to obtain advertising space in the stadium.

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