LED explosion-proof lighting application analysis

1. Explosion-proof lamps and lanterns refer to lamps designed to prevent ignition of surrounding explosive mixtures such as explosive gas atmospheres, explosive dust atmospheres, and gas gases. One of the most important explosion-proof principles of explosion-proof lighting is to limit the temperature of the surface of the housing in contact with the explosive gas, explosive dust, the surface of the component or electronic component, and to limit the temperature of the electrical contact surface below its minimum ignition temperature or ignition temperature.
2. Because led is a solid-state cold light source, it has the advantages of high electro-optical conversion efficiency, low heat generation, low power consumption, safe and low-voltage operating voltage, and long service life. Therefore, high-power white LEDs are explosion-proof lamps, especially portable. Explosion-proof lighting is a very ideal light source.
3, LED explosion-proof lights, belong to a kind of electrical equipment used in special industries, mainly to solve the lighting problem, it includes a lamp shell, a lamp shade arranged at the front end of the lamp shell, a luminous body and a battery arranged inside the lamp shell, and arranged on the surface of the lamp shell. The switch is characterized by:
4. The luminous body is a high-power LED module, and a wide voltage input driving circuit is arranged between the luminous body and the battery; the wide voltage input driving circuit comprises a constant current chip, the constant current chip and the battery constitute a power module, and the LED module is connected. On the constant current chip, the power module and the LED module are sealed together; ultrasonic welding is performed between the lamp housing and the lamp housing. It uses the characteristics of low heat generation LED to achieve intrinsically safe explosion-proof, and the LED light source has a long life; the LED maintains a constant brightness at the end of full charge and discharge; a heat sink is arranged on the lamp housing to effectively dissipate the heat of the LED module. It ensures the stability of use and is applicable to various industries such as coal mines, petroleum, railways, and flood control.

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