How to install LED explosion-proof light?

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How to install the LED explosion-proof lamp When installing a lamp in a room, you often encounter the beam or the roof of the steel structure. The installation method of the welding ceiling was introduced last time. In addition, there is also an installation method, that is, relying on bolts. Fasten the installation method. The same installation environment of different construction sites, the selected installation method is also a difference, the following to the glorious boom type LED explosion-proof lights this lamp to explain the same installation environment (steel structure environment), another method : Stud fastening installation method. This method requires punching and tapping the top of the installation. Use the bolts to fix the explosion-proof chandelier to the top. Make a connection with the lighting below.

LED explosion-proof lamp installation height suggestion
1. The factory workshop is different according to the actual production conditions, so the design height is not the same, and the actual installation height of the lamp depends on the height of the factory but not the height of the factory. For example, the actual design height of a factory is 8 meters. To calculate the net space of the top of the building and the installation of lighting fixtures, for example, the net space is 2 meters, then the installation height of the lamps is 6 meters, so when you buy explosion-proof lamps, you must pay attention to the installation height of the lamps and lanterns is not necessarily the factory's Design height.
LED explosion-proof lamp 30W Recommended installation height: 3m Installation pitch: 5m
LED explosion-proof light 40W Recommended installation height: 4m Installation pitch: 7m
LED explosion-proof light 50W Recommended installation height: 5m Installation pitch: 9m
LED explosion-proof light 60W Recommended installation height: 6m Installation pitch: 11-13m
3m~5m factory building -40W~50WLED explosion-proof lamp
5m~7m factory building--50W~100WLED explosion-proof light
7m~9m workshop—100W~150WLED explosion-proof light
9m~15m workshop--150W~200WLED explosion-proof lamp

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