Songjing No. 9 Super Rice Cultivation and Cultivation Techniques 1

Cao Guangming Zhao Shuqin Wang Kewen (Wuchang Agriculture Technology Extension Center, Heilongjiang Province)

Shi Qingmin (Agricultural Development Office, A City, Heilongjiang Province)

Songjing No. 9 Super Rice was produced by the Wuchang Rice Research Institute of the Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences and was bred by the pedigree method. In January 2005, it passed the Heilongjiang Provincial Crop Variety Approval Committee and was named. After many years of experiment and promotion, the variety has high quality, Moderate ripening period, strong stress resistance, wide adaptability, and outstanding production performance, the output reached the level of super rice in the early morning in cold regions. In 2005, the promotion area exceeded 67,000 hm2.

1 Characteristics

1.1 Yield performance

In 2001, it participated in the preparatory trial of the first accumulated temperature zone in Heilongjiang Province. The average yield was 7135 kg/hm2, which was 14.84% higher than that of the control rattan line 138. The regional trial was conducted from 2002 to 2003 and the average yield was 7966 kg/hm2, which was higher than the average yield of the control rattan line 138. 3.42%, participated in the production test in Heilongjiang Province in 2004, the average yield was 8135kg/hm2, an average increase of 6.44% over the control rattan line 138. In 2004 and 2005, the national super rice expert group carried out field production survey according to the national super rice identification standard for 2 consecutive years. In September 2004 in Jilin City 5704 farm, the average yield of 8hm2 contiguous planting was 10520 kg/hm2. , September 2005, Heilongjiang Province, Tailai County, Pingyang Town, 6.7hm2 contiguous planting, the average yield ll030kg/hm2.

1.2 Major agronomic traits

Songjing No.9, growth period 138d, required accumulated temperature of 2650°C, plant type convergence, dark green color, live stalks mature, more resistant to lodging, strong tiller, plant height 100cm, ear length 20cm, grain per panicle The number of 120 or so, a thousand grain weight 25g, slender rice, rare Mans.

1.3 quality

According to the analysis of rice quality of the Ministry of Agriculture Grain and Product Quality Supervision, Inspection and Test Center (Harbin) in 2002, 2003 and 2004, the average result was: brown rice rate 83.8%, polished rice rate 75.4%, whole polished rice rate 72.7%, grain length 5.3mm, Grain width 2.7mm, aspect ratio 2.0, chalky size 7.3%, chalky rice rate 3.8%, chalkiness 0.3%, amylose content 19.1%, gel consistency 73.9mm, alkali elimination value 7.0, crude protein 8.0%, taste score 83, the indicators have reached the national level two meters above. Rice is soft, slightly sticky, shiny, palatability is good, and good processing quality, has now become a variety of rice processing enterprises and farmers in southern Heilongjiang Province, Jilin signed a single species.

1.4 resistance

After the identification of rice blast resistance by the Rice Research Institute of Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences in 2003 and 2004, artificial inoculation: Grade 1–5 seedlings, grade 1–1 leafhoppers, grade 3–3 spikes and stems, compared with controls, resistance Rice blast is significant. The cold tolerance was identified by the Coldland Rice Center of the Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The results showed that the cold tolerance was significantly better than the control variety.

1.5 Adaptability

Songjing No. 9 has high yield, good stability, good fertilizer, resistance to lodging, and wide ecological adaptability. It is suitable for the first accumulated temperature zone in the south of Heilongjiang Province and most of Jilin Province.

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