Heavy truck truck shares insist on technology improvement and cost reduction

Trucks shares a long-standing commitment to high-quality, low-cost strategy and has been striving to reduce the cost of vehicle manufacturing through technological improvements, achieving remarkable results.

Trucks shares always stand on the user's position. It attaches great importance to the use of science and technology primary productivity in the production and operation, conscientiously and comprehensively implements high quality and low cost strategies, and persists in improving processes, strengthening management, technological breakthroughs, technological transformation and technical measures, Intensify energy conservation, reduce consumption, and reduce waste, and carry out the “10,000 people savings and efficiency increase, create a conservation-oriented enterprise” campaign. Through extensive field research and product research, we actively look for design, material selection, and configuration in vehicle manufacturing. The functional waste, configuration irrational defects, seriously solve the "cost-effective" problem.

Faced with the pressure brought by the continuous price hikes of coal, electricity, oil, and transportation in recent years, since 2004, the Truck Stock Technical Department has resolutely implemented the Group's high-quality, low-cost strategic requirements, through investigations, to identify defects, identify issues, decompose tasks, and regulations. Time limits, implementation of responsibilities, active use of technological improvements, and on the basis of ensuring that product quality and product quality do not decline, carry out product optimization design and improvement work, select new materials, new processes, new methods, and strive to reduce vehicle manufacturing costs, To provide users with more cost-effective vehicle products. In order to solve the issue of waste of design materials from the source, they repeatedly communicated with the designers of the group's technical center. It was suggested that the cost of manufacturing should be taken into account from the beginning of the design to avoid functional waste. For example, the seamless steel pipe commonly used in the production of the original vehicle has a high cost. Through the improvement of the design, some non-critical components are replaced by welded pipe, which not only ensures the performance of the product, but also reduces the manufacturing cost by about 50%. Another example is the use of mudguard brackets to block the material is not only high cost and easy to fall off, giving users a lot of inconvenience. They optimised the plugging components, ensured the robustness of the remanufactured parts, and drastically reduced the manufacturing cost. This alone would reduce the manufacturing cost of bicycles by nearly 70 yuan, and solved the problem of easy fall off.

In recent years, through the unremitting efforts of the truck technical department and the vast number of engineers and technicians, while the company has continuously increased capital investment to improve the equipment level and improve product quality, it has actively promoted new materials, new methods, and new processes to remove wasteful functions. , Stripping of unreasonable preparation, and lowering manufacturing costs have achieved remarkable results. Among them, the main models in production in 2004 reduced the average cost of bicycles by nearly 300 yuan; in 2005, the average cost of single-vehicle models in production was reduced by more than 700 yuan; in 2006, the main models used in production decreased the average cost of bicycles by more than 200 yuan; in 2007, the average production cost was reduced to the main production model. The cost of cycling is more than 1,000 yuan.

Over the past few years, through the implementation of technological improvement measures alone, it has accumulated an average reduction of nearly 2,000 yuan in single-vehicle costs, and the company has saved manufacturing costs of several tens of millions of yuan. At the same time, through the improvement of technology, CNHTC's market-strengthening capability has been further greatly enhanced, providing users with more CNHTC products with a cost-effective and reliable heavy-duty automotive product, making CNHTC's products increasingly attractive to the market. And users of all ages.

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