Gear industry discuss new technologies, new processes

The seminar on new technologies, new techniques, new materials, and new equipment for the gear industry organized by the Gear Professional Association was held in Harbin recently. 108 representatives from 74 member organizations of the Association attended the meeting. The theme of this conference is to discuss and exchange the latest developments in the domestic and foreign manufacturing technologies of the gear industry, and to promote the technical progress and industrial upgrading of the gear industry in China.
In this seminar, experts and researchers from universities, research institutes, and enterprises published and discussed the "Frontier Technologies for Gear Measurement", "New Technology and Development Trends in Automotive Gear Processing," and "The Quality of Gear Accuracy." Strategies and Ways to Catch up with the World, “Introduction to Fatigue Life Tests of Domestic Automobile Rear Axle Gears”, “Reflections on China's Gear Steels for Automobiles”, “Common Defects in Carburizing Gear Heat Treatment and Preventive Measures,” and “Ultra Gears Made more than 20 technical issues such as the development of domestic development.
During the conference, the participants also held a meeting on the main technical indicators of the driving axle spiral bevel gears, and visited the Harbin Measuring Tools Group. According to the proposal of Secretary Wang Shengtang, the meeting finally decided that in the future, the Association will hold a comprehensive technology exchange meeting and special technical seminars on issues of common concern to the industry each year, and conduct the selection of “Innovation Technology Achievement Award” and “Outstanding Paper Award”. Recognition in order to promote industrial technological progress and industrial upgrading.

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