Jiangyan W2006DW vibratory roller successfully passed the program review

Recently, the W2006DW vibratory roller, organized and researched and developed by the Civil Technology Research Institute of China Armor Industry Group Jiangbei Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd., successfully passed the company's plan review.
W2006DW is a 20-ton standard single-drum vibratory roller designed according to the requirements of the Roller Control Plan Report. The hood is made of fiberglass material with a novel appearance and beautiful appearance. The streamlined design of the vehicle provides a wide field of vision. The W2002D, W2002DF2, and W2005DW models are technically integrated.
In the design of the W2006DW roller, the compatibility with the 18-ton model and the same-ton high-profile single-drum vibratory roller has been fully considered. The performance index is slightly higher than that of the model W2002D. The production purchase cost is basically the same as that of the model. Good performance and market competitiveness.
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