More than 100 Futian Lovol Harvesters supporting Yuchai Power enter Tibet

Recently, in order to promote the harmonious development of Tibet and improve the efficiency of farming, the state has launched a Tibet aid project. The government plans to purchase more than 100 Futian Lovol harvesters for Yuchai engines to all Tibetan farmers. From August 12 to August 18, Futian Lovol harvesters, supporting Yuchai Power, were held in the Tibet Autonomous Prefecture, Mozhugongka County, Daban County, Dulong County, and Linzhou County.

On August 16th, the harvester at the Linzhou County in Lhasa City fluttered the flags on the spot. White Harada fluttered in the wind and the atmosphere of the venue was extremely warm. Fifty-nine waiting for the release of a brand new and dazzling harvester neatly parked on a clearing. The banner of the bright red banner “Yuchai Machine - Foton Lovol Harvester Serving Tibet” was displayed on the venue. Tibetan compatriots from various towns and villages in Tibet could not restrain their joy. As soon as they arrived at the venue, they couldn't wait to flock to the harvester and look at and caress this Taiwan agricultural modernization machine. In order to enable the Tibetan compatriots to master the use of the harvester as soon as possible, the Futian harvester manufacturers and the service personnel of the Yuchai Lhasa Holy City Service Station all visited the site to train users on the use and maintenance of the new machine.

At the end of the issuance ceremony, dozens of harvesters began to drill, and suddenly the machines roared and vocalized. A banner with a slogan printed "Yuchai Machine Plateau Power" and "Fukuda Leiwo Yuchai Machine Best Choice" was inserted. Hada, who bears the auspiciousness of representing the Tibetan people, took the harvesters eagerly hoped by the Tibetan people to leave the venue and traveled to Tibet for summer harvest.

The use of the first batch harvesters has attracted the attention of many members of the community and has had a great positive impact. Leaders of government agencies such as the mayor of Lhasa have made special trips to the grand harvesting ceremony of the harvesters, and news media such as Tibet TV stations and newspapers have also conducted comprehensive Follow-up reports.

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