China Heavy Truck Bridge Box Company's "Spring Action" achieved great results

China Heavy Industry Bridge Box Company carried out the once-a-year “after-sales service spring action to reduce the number of after-sales failures” plan, which greatly reduced the number of after-sales failures and saved an annual economic value of 2.9 million yuan.

During the implementation of the "Spring Action" process, the company's relevant personnel visited nearly 50 service stations and 7 central banks in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Henan, Shandong and other provinces and cities, focusing on the development of 08 bridge box company fault code "correct use of training, axle failure site confirmation and "after-sales service" single specification to fill in the training, technical training for the service station, provide technical support for bridge maintenance, provide a basis for bridge quality improvement projects , Do a good job in tracking and verifying after-sale tracking of quality-improved products, explain the contents of improved service stations, and conduct training on the identification of parts and components of bridge boxes at service stations and central banks.

In the implementation of the spring action, Bridge Box Co., Ltd. analyzed the previous failure rate. The first was the statistics of the key and important product ppm value of the previous month and the top 20 areas and service stations of the malfunctioning parts. The second is that after-sales service engineers formulate work goals and dispatch plans according to the above information. The team leader is responsible for guiding the dispatched personnel. The third is the transition period between the end of the month and the following month. It summarizes the work of the personnel sent to the company. The status of the completion of each month is included in the “After-sales Quality Analysis Report”. The next step is to formulate the personnel dispatch plan according to the information statistics of the next month. The fourth is to write a monthly summary report and report to the company's quality department and sales company.

The group company's accessories center warehouses all over the country have become the bases for the bridge box companies to carry out after-sales service work. Bridge Box Company used it as the first site for the spring action after-sales service, and sent products with quality problems to the bridge box company headquarters at the same time to facilitate immediate cause analysis.

The service station is the “bridgehead” for the company to carry out after-sales service and enhance the product image. The bridge box company's quality department serves as the main position for carrying out the after-sales service spring action. Technical personnel are stationed to guide the service station to take pictures and upload fault bridge photos to clearly express the fault phenomena and parts; assist the service station to accurately identify the old parts in the after-sales service; and send the quality improvement products to the bridge box company headquarters to facilitate the production department room and supply. At the beginning of the business month, the investigation report was submitted to the Quality Department, and the fault modes and improvement directions of the axle housing, differential, oil seal, brake drum, hub, through-shaft, and bearings were analyzed in detail.

In recent years, the bridge box company has continuously implemented the TS16949 quality assurance system, and the product quality has been continuously improved. In line with the principle of "continuous improvement", the company has conducted a major study on the quality assurance work in 2008 and has issued work improvement targets: increased frequency of visits to service stations and central libraries; strengthened management of old parts and improved old parts. The confirmation of accuracy and return rate; play the role of after-sales service engineers, simplify the workflow, and continuously improve the quality of after-sales service, after-sales failures fell by 50% over the previous year. In order to complete the formulation of the after-sales service work target, the company's quality department organized related technical personnel to conduct visits to the central bank and service station with more after-sales service and higher claim amount, and to guide and monitor the service station's handling report and repair center. The collection of the old parts of the library and the processing of single-item audits are called “spring actions” in order to achieve the goal of improving the service level of service stations and reducing the number of after-sales services. In 2008, through the “Initiate after-sales service in the spring to reduce the number of after-sales failures” performance monitoring program, the Company strengthened the management of product after-sales service, and the average monthly after-sales service frequency reduction rate reached 74.48%. At the group company's disciplinary inspection and supervision work conference in 2009, the above project was rated by the group company as “Outstanding Performance Supervision Project 2008 Award”.

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