What are the common leakage faults in the well?

(1) The insulation part of the electrical equipment in operation is damp or influent, and the cable is immersed in water for a long time, so that the insulation resistance between the phase and the ground drops to a dangerous value or below, causing a phase-to-earth leakage.

(2) Armored cables are cracked or cracked by mechanical or other external forces, such as crushing, chopping, excessive bending, etc., and are exposed to moisture or moisture for a long time, causing insulation damage and leakage.

(3) Due to chopping, squeezing or acupuncture, the mine rubber cable is directly connected to the ground wire or the fire wire is connected to the ground wire through the shielding layer, or the leakage channel is formed by moisture, or even the conductive core wire is formed. exposed.

(4) When the cable is connected to the electrical equipment, the crimping of the live wire joint is not tight, the sealing is not strict, the pressure plate of the terminal is not tight, and the joint is detached when moving, causing a fire wire to overlap with the outer casing, or the joint heats up and burns and leaks. .

"5) The internal connection of the electrical equipment is disconnected, long-term overload operation, etc., causing insulation damage to cause one phase of the fire wire to be connected to the casing and leaking electricity. This type of fault is more common in electric motors.

(6) When repairing electrical equipment, the power is leaked due to the wrong power transmission, wrong transmission or accidental construction.

(7) When repairing electrical equipment, due to the sloppy work, tools, conductive materials, and conductive objects are left in the equipment, causing a phase of the fire wire to be connected to the casing and leaking electricity.

(8) Arbitrarily add other components inside the electrical equipment so that the electrical distance between the live part and the outer casing is less than the specified value, causing the live wire to leak ground to the outer casing.

(9) When the cable is connected to the electrical equipment, the one-phase fire wire is connected to the outer casing and leaks due to the wrong connection.

It can be seen from the above faults that as long as the operation is carried out according to the chapter, the maintenance and the inspection are strengthened, and the leakage fault can be completely avoided.

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