Sick Ship Salvage or Marine Launching Airbag (XCNo. 29)

Model NO.: XCNo. 29
Trademark: XinCheng
Origin: Qingdao
HS Code: 40169500
Marine airbag technology for upgrading and launching is a technical method that a ship finishes upgrading and launching through an airbag. The ship launches by the technology as follows: To inflate hoisting airbag and properly move the ship under the traction of winch and wire rope to finish launching. When the ship goes up, rolling airbag should be used firstly, and after positioning, the airbag is hoisted to cushion. The fundamental principle of ship launching and upgrading is to inflate the airbag under low pressure and bear in large area.
Sick Ship Salvage or Marine Launching Airbag (XCNo. 29)
Sick Ship Salvage or Marine Launching Airbag (XCNo. 29)
Standard specifications of xincheng Ship Launching Airbags
Diameter (D): From 0.8m to 2.0m.
Effective Length (EL): From 6m to 18m.
Total Length (TL): From 7m to 19.5m
The above specification only is our standard specification arrange. Other specification of ship launching airbags also available upon clients' request.

1. Shipwreck salvage.
2. Floating bridge and dock construction.
3. Rescue and remove of wrecked ship.
4. Can be used as pontoons for supporting docks and other floating structure.
Sick Ship Salvage or Marine Launching Airbag (XCNo. 29)
We are a manufacture of airbag, the raw material also manufactured by ourselves, the best quality at the reasonable price. In addition, We promise that the product can be returned due to quality problem within one year; And we provide maintenance technology for free and the required raw material

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