No tail flexible construction is efficient, Sany micro-excavation SY35U into a new favorite of subway construction!

With the rapid development of the economy, urbanization has been promoted throughout the country, and subway construction has become a key project in many cities. Since the subway construction is a national key project, the requirements are very strict, and the construction environment is more difficult than the general project, so the equipment selection in the project is also crucial.

The Sany micro-drilling has the advantages of low fuselage, compact structure and excellent performance. It can flexibly travel through various types of construction sites, and even in the surrounding rock stratum, it can be more flexible.

No tail flexibility, SY35U solves the big problem of subway construction

Construction of Changsha Metro Line 6 started on December 28, 2016. The project is a backbone line along the main passenger flow corridor of the city. The length of the line is about 48.7km, and the middle section of Line 6 is scheduled to be opened in 2021. The project has a tight schedule and high construction requirements, so the manager Li said that it is important to choose the right equipment.

"SY35U is a very popular micro-excavation on the market recently. I believe that so many people choose it must have its truth. The eyes of the masses are bright!"

No tail flexible construction is efficient, Sany micro-excavation SY35U into a new favorite of subway construction!
â–² Sany SY35U is popular in subway engineering

Li said that the subway construction environment is relatively narrow, and some complicated working conditions can not be completed successfully by using labor, and large machines are even more impossible. This requires a small and flexible miniature excavator.

The SY35U is compact and has a total chassis width of only 1720mm, allowing it to operate in a variety of narrow operating conditions. And the device has a unique tailless design, the tail radius of rotation is only 860mm, no matter how the operation, the tail will not exceed the track, very suitable for the narrow working conditions of subway construction.

No tail flexible construction is efficient, Sany micro-excavation SY35U into a new favorite of subway construction!
â–² Sany SY35U is easy to work in underground narrow conditions

First-class configuration, efficient and accurate construction is faster

At the same time, the project is a provincial key project, not only the construction period is tight, but the construction standards are extremely high, and sometimes workers are often required to be repaired repeatedly. However, there is no need to consider this issue when using the SY35U.

It is reported that this equipment adopts Sany special for Yanmar engine equipped with stepless throttle speed control system, the excavator can work at any ideal speed, and the load-sensitive hydraulic system is configured to provide and distribute flow according to the system's need for flow. To make the work more precise and efficient.

No tail flexible construction is efficient, Sany micro-excavation SY35U into a new favorite of subway construction!
â–² Sany SY35U overcomes the difficult conditions of manual work

According to the operator of the micro-drilling, it takes only two or three hours for the three-dimensional micro-digging to dig the same length of the ditch, and it takes one or two days to use the artificial, and the trench dug by the excavator is more uniform. Better results.

Since the advent of Sany micro-digging, it has been favored by consumers, efficient and flexible, and its precision is its label, and these characteristics have been deepened and strengthened in the difficult conditions of customer service. Whether it is a key project or a rural infrastructure, there is praise for Sany's micro-digging. As Manager Li said, the eyes of the masses are sharp. If you also need such a quality guaranteed micro-digging, Sany will always serve you.

Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters


Self-cleaning filter is a kind of filter that directly intercepts impurities in water, removes suspended matter, particulates, reduces turbidity, purifies water quality, reduces system fouling, bacteria and algae, rust and so on. In order to purify the water quality and protect the system other equipment work normally, the water enters the self-cleaning filter body from the intake, because of the intelligent (plc,pac) design, the system can automatically identify the impurity deposition degree, Automatic full discharge for discharge valve signal. Sinofiltec all series filtration solution can meet kinds of different water quality in industry area, our professional system design is made and provided according to each customer`s requirement to solve water treatment efficiently, by global sales network and close cooperation with customers, our manufacture capability, rich experience and technology ability can help you reduce costs, reduce energy consumption, improve the quality.

Operation principles:

The water enters the filter through the inlet, and the impurity of the larger particle is first filtered by the coarse filter element assembly, then the impurity of the fine particle is filtered through the fine filter net, and the water is discharged from the outlet after the impurity of the fine particle is filtered by the fine filter net. In the filtration process, the inner layer of the fine filter gradually accumulates, and a pressure difference between the inner and outer sides of the filter is formed. When this pressure difference reaches the preset value, the automatic cleaning process begins: the drain valve is opened, the hydraulic motor chamber and the hydraulic cylinder in charge of the assembly release pressure and drain the water; The pressure in the hydraulic motor chamber and the suction pipe is greatly reduced.

 Because of the negative pressure, the sewage from the inner wall of the fine filter net is absorbed by the suction nozzle, which flows into the hydraulic motor chamber by the hydraulic motor and is discharged by the drain valve, forming a process of suction. When the water flow passes through the hydraulic motor, the suction pipe is rotated, and the hydraulic cylinder piston drives the suction pipe to make axial motion. 

The whole inner surface of the filter net is completely cleaned by the combination of axial motion and rotational motion. The whole cleaning process will last for tens of seconds. When the drain valve is closed at the end of the cleaning, the increased water pressure will bring the hydraulic cylinder piston back to its initial position, and the filter will begin preparing for the next flushing cycle. In the process of cleaning, filter normal filtration work uninterrupted. 


1. Leading product structure and function design, compact structure, original filter case integral molding, processing technology to avoid all kinds of leakage caused by steel filter shell welding.

2. The high strength ductile iron material has excellent anticorrosive property and prolongs the service life of the product.

3. Special filter element design and manufacturing technology, high precision filter never wear, pressure test never deformation, factory precision test to meet user requirements.

4. The inner and outer double layer structure is made up of stainless steel welding mesh, sieve plate and screen net, and the anti-interference ability of filter element is enhanced because of the active cleaning method, which is especially suitable for poor water quality conditions.

 Automatic Self Clening Water Filters

Automatic Self-cleaning Filters

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