National Communication Development Reform Work Forum

National Communication Development Reform Work Forum China Communications and Communications Association “Communications” Editorial Department On December 26, the National Development and Reform Commission held a symposium on the 2012 traffic development reform in Fuzhou. Vice Minister Xu Xianping of the National Development and Reform Commission attended the meeting and made a work report titled "Accelerating the Improvement of the Comprehensive Transportation Network through Promoting the Development of Urbanization," and Director of the Department of Basic Industries Huang Min summarized the meeting.

The leaders of the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and cities planning separately, the provincial capitals of the deputy provincial level, the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, the Development and Reform Commission of the Heilongjiang Land Reclamation Bureau, and the chiefs of the basic industries (transportation) department, the Ministry of Public Security, and housing The responsible comrades of the Ministry of Construction and Urban-Rural Development, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Railways, the Civil Aviation Administration, the Post Office Planning (Planning) Department and the General Logistics Administration Department attended the meeting.

In the report, Xu Xianping thoroughly analyzed the basic situation and overall thinking of the development of urbanization in China, and pointed out five basic requirements for the promotion of urbanization on comprehensive transportation. First, the urbanization of sustainable development requires a comprehensive transportation network to be moderately advanced; second, space. Optimized urbanization requires a rational distribution of comprehensive transportation networks. Third, cost-effective urbanization requires comprehensive transportation networks to focus on benefits. Fourth, green and low-carbon urbanization requires comprehensive transportation networks to save energy and environmental protection. Fifth, multiple forms of urbanization require integrated transportation. The network adapts to local conditions.

Xu Xianping stressed the need to strengthen the supporting role of the integrated transport network for the development of urbanization. First, implement the plan and speed up the improvement of the integrated transport corridors among the urban agglomerations. Second, highlight key points and coordinate the promotion of the internal network of the urban agglomeration. Third, take multiple measures. Give priority to the development of urban public transport; Fourth, strengthen the convergence, and strive to promote the integration of urban and rural traffic; Fifth, the innovation model, and constantly improve the institutional mechanisms for the development of transport.

Director Huang Min summed up the 2012 traffic development reform work in four aspects: expanding the infrastructure network, optimizing the transportation structure, continuously improving the service level, and deepening the reform of the traffic system. And around the improvement of interregional transportation networks, inter-city rapid network construction, strengthening the urban transport network, promoting rural transportation and national defense traffic, and researching supporting measures, etc., put forward the ideas for the next year's traffic development reform.

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