Haohua Energy plans to build 400,000 tons of coal-made methanol project

Haohua Energy announced today that it has acquired a 95% stake in Ordos City Guotai Trade Co., Ltd. and invested 400,000 tons/year coal-to-methanol project.
The announcement stated that 400,000 tons of coal-to-methanol project will be used as the conversion project of the Hangqingqi West Energy Development Co., Ltd. Hongqingliang Coal Mine, in line with national and local industrial policies and company development strategy, reliable technology, mature technology, and a certain market prospects and profits The capability is conducive to accelerating the development and construction of the Hongqingliang Coal Mine.
The company signed an equity purchase agreement and invested 12 million yuan to acquire 95% equity of Guotai Trading held by Shanghai Huisheng Communication Technology Co., Ltd.; the investment estimate was 2.397 billion yuan, and a 400,000-ton/year coal-to-methanol project was built. The 400,000-ton/year coal-to-methanol project invested and constructed will be submitted to the next general meeting for deliberation.

Ultrasonic nonwoven laminating machine:

Ultrasonic nonwoven laminating machine is faster than the traditional laminating machine and easy operationUltrasonic nonwoven laminating machine can apply to press the edge of the nonwoven bag and nonwoven embossing, it wildly use in various nonwoven laminated . such as non-woven fabric hanging pocket, shoe-covers, non-woven computer sets and so on.

The advantages of the ultrasonic nonwoven laminating machine

1.Embossing clear

2.Fast operational speed

3.Can operate continuously

4.Low cost, faster than the traditional machine

Our services

1)We can design machine according to your sample and give the solution of your requirements. (Except Standard weld machine, also make all kinds of custom made (non-standard) plastic welding machine)
2)We provide consultations and information about product, industry, technology
3) according to your requirements, materials, pictures or samples, we can give some suggestions that  suitable for your products
4)can according to customer's actual needs, for all kinds of carving, hardened, sandblasting processing appearance
1)One-year warranty for free.
2)Quickly reply ,any questions can contact us by email or telephone.

Q: Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?
A: Our factory is located in dongguan City, Guangdong Province which is near Shenzhen. Welcome to visit us!
Q: How can we know the quality of your machine?
A: Customers can send material to us and then we use our machine to manufacture finished products which will be re-sent to customers.
Q: How to buy your machine?
A: Please send me inquiry to our email, when we reach a agreement, we will sign a contract to confirm our order.
Q: Roller & Pattern type?
A: We make kinds of rollers according to customers' requirements.
Q: Are we still need to install the machine after we got?
A: We will adjust the machine before we deliver to you, also we will send you video and manual to teach you how to use the machine.
Q: What about your warranty?
A: Our warranty is 1 years

If you want to know more details about the machine, please contact us any time!

Ultrasonic Non Woven Laminate Machine

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